MI-2004 Conditioning Amplifier

As an important part of the test system, ECON also presents a powerful signal conditioning amplifier, with support for Charge, IEPE or TEDS transducers. It integrates filtering, integral and differential analysis functions. You can monitor the setting parameters, running status and some other measured data displayed on the front touch screen. It is quite flexible for different tests with versatile setting parameters. You can connect it to PC easily and set test parameters in your computer via RS232 interface. It also can be combined together for large scale applications. You can connect multiple conditioning amplifiers in series and set up all the conditioning amplifier signal parameters together.


  • ­Up to 4 signal conditioning circuits
  • ­Digital parameter setting, intuitive and easy to operate
  • ­Input and output channels (via BNC connector) to connect quickly and reliably
  • ­Support Charge, IEPE, and TEDS sensor input type
  • ­Multi-stage low-pass, high-pass filter
  • ­Set parameters through serial control interface (RS-232), single PC can control multiple conditioning amplifiers
  • ­Compact and solid design with built-in battery, can be used for field and laboratory testing



  • ­For IEPE, charge, TEDS accelerometer signal conditioning
  • ­Signal amplification, high and low pass filtering, integral and double integral function
  • ­For high quality field test and measurement  verification work
  • ­With the data collection instrument for vibration measurement


Input Channels 4
Coupling Modes Voltage, charge, IEPE(TEDS)
Max. Input 100000pC(charge), ±10v(voltage)
Sensitivity Range 0.001~999Pc/unit,0.01-999mV/unit
Accuracy 1%
THD 0.001% (Vin=1V, 160Hz, 0dB)
Gain charge:-20~80dB; ICP:-20~60dB
Input Equivalent Noise
Charge (ENC)


TitleThumbnailCurrent VersionTypeSize
Item   Standard & Level
1 CE EN61326-1:2006
2 Temperature GB6587-2012
3 Humidity GB6587-2012
Working environment: 40℃(20-90)%RH, no condensing
4 Vibration GB6587-2012
5 Shock GB6587-2012
6 EMC GB/T 17626.2, Class B
GB/T 17626.3, Class B
GB/T 17626.4, Class B
7 Security GB4793.1-2007
8 Protection Level IEC 60529-2013, IP33



Item Part No. Description
1 MI-2004-1 1-Channel High Precision Conditioning Amplifier 
2 MI-2004-2 1-Channel High Precision Conditioning Amplifier
3 MI-2004-4 1-Channel High Precision Conditioning Amplifier
4 MI-20EX01 Rechargeable Lithium Battery
5 ACC-7000 Accessories


Item Part No. Description
1 2004 PC End User Control