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Vibration Controller Software Officially Released: Version 5.0.0

Econ Technologies releases the latest software version 5.0.0.This new version improves operation interfaces, updates software styles and is easy-to-use than the previous version.

The main updates are as follows:
Modify the window add & delete mode
Each pane can be controlled independently
Freely drag the signals to display in panes
More shortcut icons on the control panel
Add log display functions
“About” dialog box displays the enable functions
Perfect report printing functions

The SOR, SROR updates:

Adopting the least square method to calculate the amplitude of sine signal, greatly enhance the control precision; it is not affected by the frequency resolution, it can extract accurately amplitudes of two sine signals which are separated by the frequency less than one resolution; external broadband sine signal can be also controlled.

Sine updates:
Distortion harmonic check
Step sine function
Improve swept sine timer in schedule
Channel amplitude abort
Define sweep rate and compression rate within whole frequency range
Expand time domain pane, one whole cycle waveform view low to 0.2Hz
Add Box-Tolerance function in profile setting.

Shock control updates:
Add the analysis function of SRS
Add the abort function for checking channel RMS

New control function:
Kurtosis Control

ECON hope to make progress with all of you!