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DAS Software Officially Released: Version 4.0.0

ECON Technologies officially released the DAS software for dynamic signal analyzer, and the latest version is V4.0.0. R&S team is dedicated to satisfy the test engineers’ requirements, provide user-friendly software interface and easy setup. DAS software runs with AVANT Dynamic Signal Analyzer, performing the data recorder, signal analysis and offline review.

Interface and operation updates are as follows:
Function selection interface adjustments;
Add function panel;
Add document panel;
Combined output channel and signal source;
The combined storage management settings, document management settings and data records management;
Clean-up report settings;
Currently active window is marked;
Adjust the display settings;
The default channels indicate in color;
The display window of function line adjustment; adjust the list of open windows;
Toolbar adjustment;
Menu adjustment;
Naming adjustment;
Function adjustment:
Project file;
Cursor adjustment;
Increase the PDF report;
Engineering unit system adjustment;
The impact function is split in accordance with the test platform;
Sound pressure;
Modal data acquisition;
Sound power;
Offline analysis;