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Successful Exhibition in Germany

ECON attended the Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2013 from June 4 to June 6 at booth No.1048 in Messe Stuttgart, Germany. This show is the leading event, dedicated to the quality, safety, reliability and durability of vehicles throughout Europe. 

During this show, exhibitors displayed the technologies, services and tools that are available to improve product quality, reliability, durability, and safety. ECON was also showed the latest technology in vibration and noise-Premax. Premax innovatively presents users capability for higher channel account vibration control and measurement. It builds variable acquisition module, on-board multi-DSPs technology and Ethernet connectivity on PXI bus, creating a superb platform for shaker control, vibration and noise measurement and analysis. Premax also adapts embedded-in host controller with real-time operating system, taking charge of effective data management and transmission. Premax is especially excellent for higher input channel account needed test and measurement, like vehicles, rockets, missiles, and airplanes. It attracts the visitors to come and the representative to talk.

Econ Technologies has always dedicated to the Europe markets, together with local professionals and distributors, for providing professional products and high quality services for the automotive and aerospace, electronics, machinery and equipment in the field of application.