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Premax Greatly Impressed China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation
On 6th July, 2011, Econ Technologies is pleased to announce the successful commissioning at NO.702 Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) for a triaxial vibration test system with Premax MIMO (multi input, multi output) control system.
This MIMO vibration test project is managed by the chief engineer manager. Premax successfully performed the precision control and completed
the functions of Sine, Random, Classical Shock, (TTH) Transient Time History and (LTH) Long Time History. The high control performances of Premax have greatly impressed the engineers of NO.702 Research Institute.
The purpose of vibration test is to re-appear the required time-domain waveform or spectrum on the vibration table or test product. 3-axis vibration table formed by 3 exciters integrated into the corresponding multi-axis motion system, this system need to ensure the accuracy of waveform or power spectrum. 3-axis vibration control systems typically include two parts, one is the servo control system, and the other is the
vibration control system, as shown in Figure 1.
Currently, Premax has four MIMO vibration control functions, they are Multi-axis and multi-point sine control, multi-axis and multi-point random control, Seismic wave simulation, road spectrum simulation control, also Premax has the following system design features:
  • PXI bus structure
  • Gigabit Ethernet technology
  • Flexible collocation of input/output hardware modules and software modules
  • Based on distributed system and embedded QNX real-time operational system
  • Real-time, synchronized and high precision
  • System overview of Premax:
  • Input channel: max. 64 channels to input synchronously for each classis
  • Output channel: max. 16 channels to output synchronously for each classis
  • DSP process module: 300MHz 24 bits high-precision floating DSP, based on the real-time operation system of TI DSP/BIOS.
  • Real-time controller module:2G+ Hz dual core processor, 4G Bytes internal memory,QNX real-time operation system; Max. 16 channels control 16 excitation systems, sine close-loop cycle is only 10ms