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Transducer / Vibrometer Calibration System Launch on the Market

According to the years of experience, ECON develops a transducer  /vibrometer calibration system, in strict accordance with the test procedures. It has the numerous advantages over the traditional transducer /vibrometer calibration system, short calibration step, easy to operate etc.Once the system launched on the market, it won the great recognition and praise from our customers. At present, the authority of the national, provincial, and other metrology institutes are installing this system and putting into use.

ECON ECS calibration system is based on ECS-9108 programmable calibrator, combining with standard vibrator, standard transducer,

high-precision charge amplifier and computer, constitutes the complete calibration system. ECS system specialized transducer /vibrometer calibration software, calibration process is customized and will be completed automatically until calibration report generated.

In regard of international market, we are expecting the cooperation with local partners to promote this system.