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Delegate to Present ISO/TC 108 in Buffalo USA, 2012-06-25 to 29

Working as vice president of ECON Technologies, as well as member of 11-person of China delegation to ISO/TC 108, Gavin Zhao attended ISO/TC 108/SC 6/WG 3, “Guidance for the selection of vibration generators”, in Buffalo NY, USA 2012-06-25 to 29.

Selection of vibration generators and controllers is not the latest topic, but becoming more and more important to today vibration test. Options from at least 5 vibration equipment manufactures were discussed. They have to meet new requirements in customers’ pipeline to compete for arising business among USA, Europe, and new developing countries.

Discussion in ISO/TC 108/SC 6/WG 3

Gavin Zhao together with Mr. Andrey Smirnov