About us

Company Profile

ECON is a leading manufacturer and solution supplier of equipment and instruments in vibration testing and control, DAQ and measurement, HUMS (Health & Utilities Monitoring System) and modal test.

Founded in 2002, we have more than 10 years of R&D and application experiences. We are proud to supply our customers with high quality products and professional solutions to solve various problems in reliability test, fatigue test, life test, DAQ and measurement, vibration and noise analysis and modal test in their product development and performance improvement process. Till now, we have more than 5000 units installed in customer site from all over the world among aerospace and aviation, automotive, IT & electronic, packaging & transportation, educational, research and metrological.

Also, we are the first and the best company in China to design and supply high quality vibration controller, MIMO vibration controller, and high quality servo-hydraulic shaker. These products supply customer with better solutions and affordable solutions to achieve high target of test and measurement.

ECON Technologies manufactures

HVS®series Servo-hydraulic Vibration Testing System

UCON®series Vibration Controller and Transducer Calibration System

Premax®series MIMO Vibration Controller and Higher Channel Account DAQ and Measurement System

AVANT® series Dynamic Signal Analyzer, Charge Amplifier, Shock Measurement Analyzer, Shaker Metrological Verification System

Vibration Table Verification System
Shock Machine Verification System
Environmental Chamber


Our qualification:

Member of ISO/TC108/SAC/TC53

Member of Chinese Society for Vibration Engineering

Member of High-tech Companies China

ISO9001 qualified

CANS certificate in Vibration and Environmental Test

CE certificates for all instruments

Russian registration certificate

ECON's R&D and manufacturing center is located in beautiful Hangzhou. ECON warmly welcome your visiting.