Launch of New Product: Standard Shaker VE-4125

Jun 29,2020

Standard shaker is the kernel part of sensor calibration system. Its features and performances essentially decide the ultimate calibration result of sensor-under-test (SUT). 

ECON newly launched a standard shaker VE-4125 with high performance and high precision than last generation. VE-4125 has very good feature at harmonic distortion and transverse vibration ratio (see below accreditation certificate). Meanwhile, VE-4125 has max. excitation force at 250N,supporting to calibration heavier sensor, and its calibration frequency range supports 10-5000 Hz, supplying a wider frequency range in calibration. These features of VE-4125 enable it to support an accurate calibration to various kinds of vibration sensors. 

For more details, please refer to technical data of ECS-1815 Mid-frequency transducer calibration system 



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