New Product: Low Force Vibration Shaker

Dec 3,2020

To make one of the ECON product lines Electro-dynamic Vibration Testing System more complete, finally here comes the Low Force Vibration Shakers EDS Series.

We are supplying customers such low force shakers with force range from 20N to 500N. This shaker is designed for long and trouble-free operation. Its structure is permanent Magnetic and its moving element is supported by an optimal and robust rectilinear guidance. Working with a dedicated linear and high-precision power amplifier, it will bring customers superb performances.

EDS series Low Force Vibration Shakers are characterized by low force, small volume, light weight, various functions, 220V power supply. They are applicable to testing of small structures and components. 


  • Permanent Magnetic Small Shaker    
  • Force range from 20N to 500N
  • Compact Design, portable and easy in use
  • System MTBF > 10,000 Hours    
  • High Performance Linear Power Amplifier    
  • Embedded-in Power Amplifier (optional)
  • Suitable for small components vibration testing and stress screening 
  • Optional multi-shaker and multi-axis design available


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