Launch of New Product: MI-2104 Sensor Adapter

Jun 23,2020

The sensors and DAQ or digital signal analyzer (DSA) are essential for engineers to fulfill a measurement task. But engineers often get problems in connection of different kind of sensors to one DAQ or DSA. The problem may be due to different power supply requirement from various sensors, like 4-20mA, ±5VDC, ±24 VDC, or from different output by voltage or current to DAQ or DSA. They need a device to make connection more simple and focus on their measurement job. 

MI-2104 sensor adapter is just such a device with adjustable voltage and symmetrical output characteristics. It can supply DC power or 4-20mA power to various accelerometers, displacement sensors, TACHO, acoustics sensors, temperature sensors and so on, also support working with different kinds of dynamic signal analyzers and other instruments.

MI-2104 is supplement of ECON measurement and analysis instruments, helping them to be more popular in measurement application of vibration measurement, modal test, rotating machine diagnostics and other tasks.


  • 4 independent input and output channels
  • Power supply to different kind of sensors
  • Support various signal input
  • Support Chainable Synchronization
  • Compact design and easy in use
  • Versatile in DAQ and measurement


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