VT-6 series servo-vibration controller integrates the capacity of servo-valve control and vibration control together innovatively and powerfully. It features HVS series servo-hydraulic vibration testing system to be delivered with compact design, simpler connecting in loop control, easy in installation and operation.

Based on advanced digital control and PID algorithms, VT-6 composes of double loop controls, displacement and acceleration, at same time. This makes servo-hydraulic shaker under a stable, reliable and precise control, with better frequency response and wider usable range.

VT-6 is a PC independent controller, all operation of the vibration system is performed through the VT-6 software computed by on board DSP. Its hardware has considerable design in connecting with different types displacement sensor and accelerometers. VT-6 is fully compliant with all servo-hydraulic vibration systems from other vendors. 


  • Integration of vibration control and servo valve control
  • Dual loop control of displacement and acceleration
  • Combination of digital control and PID control
  • Dedicated connectors to different sensors
  • Compliant with all servo-hydraulic vibration systems
  • Full range of testing control software: sine, random, stock RSTD and Field Data Replication



Input Channels

4 universal inputs
1 displacement input(LVDT, Sliding)
1 force input

Drive Channels

1 voltage/current

PID Parameters

P: 0.2-20, I: 0.2-10s, D: 2ms-1s

Flutter Test Signal

Freq.: 90-1,000Hz, Amp.: 0.1-3.2V

PC Connectivity

USB 2.0



Servo-hydraulic Vibration Control

sine, random, stock RSTD and Field Data Replication

O/S Compliance

Windows 7/10 32/64-bit


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