ECS-1028 is suitable for field calibration of monitoring purposes in production lines, and instant calibration in outdoor field. Commons in such cases, customers only need to know the sensitivity of the sensor-under-test (SUT). 

This procedure of ECS-1028 is simple, and processing time will be very short since quantities of SUT is large or the outdoor environment is not that comfortable as in indoors. After a quick and instant calibration, a sensitivity result will be generated and the calibration data will be ready for export.


  • ISO 16063-21 standard compliant
  • Calibration frequency range is 20-2,000Hz
  • Compact design with light weight
  • Portable and instant calibration
  • Support to calibrate all kinds of vibration accelerometers, velocity and displacement sensors
    (voltage, PE, IEPE, Piezo-resistive, Capacitive) , etc.
  • Support calibration data export by USB
  • 6 hours battery life
  • Loop control calibration with automatic procedure
  • Customized calibration report generation

System Model


Max. Excitation Force

100 N

Calibration Frequency Range

20-2,000 Hz

Max. acceleration

10 g

Max. Displacement (p-p)

1.8 mm

Max. Velocity

0.2 m/s

Max. Load

0.8 kg

System Uncertainty

<3% (160Hz, 100 m/s2)

Calibration Method

secondary (back to back)

Calibration Function


Calibration Procedure

point to point


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