Contollable Excitation(pure modal test and step sine test)

  • With the unique force control and force limited technology, the vibration controller could not only perform the ordinary multi-degree of freedom vibration test, but also competent in large-scale structure’s modal test, especially the large flexible structure.
  • Based on the controllable exciter movement, force control and force limited technology can assure a better balanced energy to structure, and can effectively control the anti-resonance and resonance, thus avoid lack-test and over-test.
  • In the modal test, the balanced vibration energy in addition with the amplitude control can reduce the non-linear factors of the structure to the maximum extent, and realize a minimum test result error, eventually obtain the precise modal parameters to be used to build the optimal linear system model.
  • This system provides you not only various drive signal of general exciter including a swept sine, white noise, shaped random, etc., but also step sine, dwell and other flexible customized shaker control function.

        System configuration

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Premax-MI 8008/8014/8018 Modal Genius-350/380 Exciter, sensors