EDS/EDM Series Electro-dynamic Vibration Shaker

Hydraulic Vibration Shaker

Higher Channel Account Vibration Control& Measurement System

Vibration Controller

Dynamic Signal Analyzer

Shock Measurement Analyzer


MI-52XX series and MI-51XX series are tailored for shock/drop test in lab, transportation and packaging test, compliant with ISO, MIL-STD-810 criterion.
MI-52XX is suitable for measure shock acceleration range under 5,000g, with 192 kHz sampling, and MI-51XX is specially designed for highly acceleration range up to 100,000g with 1 MHz sampling.

  • Shock Response Spectrum
  • Shock Pulse Analysis
  • Damage Boundary Curve
  • Shock Data Playback and Offline Analysis
TitleThumbnailCurrent VersionTypeSize
Item Part NO. Description
1 MI-5104 4-chs High-G Shock Measurement Analyzer
2 MI-5108 Shock Measurement Analyzer
3 MI-5202 Shock Measurement Analyzer
4 MI-5204 Shock Measurement Analyzer
5 MI-5208 Shock Measurement Analyzer
6 MI-50EX01 Rechargeable lithium battery
7 ACC-7000 Accessories