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Automotive Testing Expo in Shanghai Sept.19-21, 2017

Testing Expo - Automotive - China is the place to discover new testing, development and validation technologies for components and complete vehicles. From NVH measurement tools, crash-testing services and durability/quality validation technologies to vehicle dynamics tools and NDT technology, Testing Expo - Automotive - China is China's largest, most significant vehicle testing exhibition.

As a professional manufacturer of product reliability testing and measurement systems, ECON presents customers with mechanical environment test system, test measurement system, measurement calibration system and intelligent equipment detection system. The main product in this exhibition is the new generation of Electro Dynamic Vibration Test System which is consisted of the most advanced vibration controller, high performance VSA-H series power amplifier, high reliability shaker and low noise blower. This system features high reliability, wide frequency, no-base design, easy operation, etc. It is the best choice for product reliability test.

Meanwhile, a set of Active Control Test System (AVANT-QAC) was exhibited on our booth during this EXPO. Our technicians adopted PXI bus structure, QNX OS, complete SDK and full-process technical support for this system in order to provide you a perfect turnkey solution.

Devoted to being the world's top-ranking supplier, we are pround to offer you with the best solutions for testing and measurement!