Econ Profile 6.56MB Download

Demo Software

VCS V5.1.40 ( For VT-9 series Vibration Controller ) 59.44MB Download
VCS MIMO V2.1.7 ( For VT-8 series MIMO Vibration Controller ) 62.15MB Download
DAS V4.2.14 ( For MI-7 series Dynamic Signal Analyzer ) 95.62MB Download

Catalog & Brochure

EDS&EDM Series Electro-dynamic Vibration Testing System 27.03MB Download
HVS Series Servo-hydraulic Vibration Testing System 27.03MB Download

Technical Specification

AVANT Conditioning Amplifier Tech_ Spec_2014 313KB Download
AVANT Dynamic Signal Analyzer Tech_Spec-2014 758KB Download
AVANT Shock Tech_Spec_2014 for 4.0-2 331KB Download
Premax Higher Channel Account Measurement System Tech_Spec_2020 687KB Download
Premax MISO Controller Tech_Spec-2014 2.32MB Download
UCON Tech_Spec -20141021 V5.5 2.87MB Download

Application Cases

Modal Test on Civil Foundation of Thermal Power Station 489KB Download
Modal Test on Structure Parts of Ship Stern Shaft Bearings 555KB Download
Vibration Measuring on the Headlight of Subway 488KB Download
Vibration Test on Hydro Generator Group 574KB Download


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