4-post servo-hydraulic road simulator is rather useful to reproduce simulate road excitation on vehicle and its parts, to search performance characteristics, test reliability and durability. Most of vehicle parts need such tests including body in white, suspension, lights, A/C, seat, instrument meters and so on.

HVS-25.4 road simulator has considerable 4 posts design with multiple hydraulic actuators and dedicated wheel-pan, sophisticated time domain MIMO loop control. HVS-25.4 meet all testing standards of vehicle road simulation, design and type test, life test, end-of-line product quality test.

HVS road simulator could be extended to be 6-post, 8-post or more, for vehicles with more wheels or specified mission profile.


  • Servo-hydraulic 4-post simulation
  • Compact design, less field room needed 
  • Typical 25 kN actuators with 200 mm stroke design
  • Customized force from 10kN to 300kN
  • Applications: Vehicle quality test, ride comfort, mission profile
  • sophisticated time domain MIMO loop control 
  • Customized fixtures for different vehicles


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