• Electro-dynamic Vibration Testing System
    Brand-new EDS/EDM Series
    We make and supply high quality integrated system
    rather than pieced together.
  • Servo-hydraulic Vibration Testing
    Rugged HVS Series
    Vibrate since 0.1Hz with customized a, v, d
    for Tough Simulation
  • High Channel Account Measurement
    Versatile MI-8 Series
    Synchronized Solution for Grounding Vibration Testing
    and Modal Testing
  • Transducer Calibration
    Accurate ECS Series
    Make Calibration Simple by Automated Procedure.
    ISO 16063-21 Compliant

One Station Solution of Vibration Testing , Measurement and Calibration

Miniature Shaker

VE Series
20-500N, Compact Design
Small DUT Test & Stress Screening
Long time and trouble-free operation

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Air Cooled Shaker

EDS/EDM Series
3kN to 50kN, Air Cooled
IGBT Power Amplifier
Long Stroke Optional

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Water Cooled Shaker

EDL Series
60kN-100kN, Water Cooled
IGBT Power Amplifier
Long Stroke Optional

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Vibration Controller

VT-9 & MI-8 Series
1-64 inputs, 1-16 drive
MISO and MIMO Vibration Control
Latest and Full Range Software

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Dynamic Signal Analyzer

MI Series
4-1,024 channels
Vibration, Shock, Modal, HUMS
From Field to Lab

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Modal Exciter

ME Series
20N to 1kN, Compact Design
Modal Test
Flexible Mounting, Easy to Use


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About ECON

ECON is a world-wide one station manufacturer and supplier for equipment and solution of vibration testing, measurement and calibration.

Founded in 2002, ECON have been dedicated in developing better quality and higher cost-efficiency equipment and solutions to help customers to meet market crucial demand on their products quality and reliability. More than 20 years experiences and innovative ambition support us to fulfill this vision into reality.

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