Econ Technologies Attended the Automotive Testing Expo China 2023

Aug 25,2023

Automotive Testing Expo China 2023 was successfully held at the Shanghai Expo Exhibition Center from August 9th to 11th. During the exhibition, ECON, the leading player in the automotive sector, displayed its cutting-edge apparatus and cutting-edge technologies, drawing a lot of interest.

Automotive reliability testing systems and intelligent data collection and analysis technologies for automobiles were among the exhibition's standouts. With the help of these innovative technologies, automakers and suppliers can carry out thorough reliability testing, ensuring the performance and dependability of vehicles in a variety of road situations.

ECON's automotive reliability testing system and automotive intelligent data collection system were particularly well-received by attendees at the expo. In addition, the VE-51100(1000N Miniature Shaker)and MI-8118(Vibration Control & Data Acquisition System) ignited extensive discussions among the audience, further highlighting their appeal.

Throughout the expo, ECON's booth was a popular destination for visitors and industry professionals alike. The company's knowledgeable staff provided on-site demonstrations and in-depth explanations, acquainting attendees with its wide range of products and solutions while addressing technical inquiries. The overwhelmingly positive response from visitors underscored their strong interest in ECON's technology and solutions, with many expressing their eagerness to collaborate with the company in the future.

ECON has a history of actively engaging in business conferences and events both domestically and abroad. Through such engagements, the company has shared advanced experiences and showcased its innovative achievements, fostering fruitful exchanges and collaborations with peers in the industry. By establishing close partnerships with domestic and international automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and research institutions, ECON is committed to propelling the high-quality development of automotive reliability testing. Looking ahead, ECON will continue to prioritize research and development in this field, consistently enhancing its professional expertise and technical capabilities. By doing so, the company aims to become a leading international authority in solving automotive reliability testing challenges, providing automotive manufacturers and suppliers with even higher-quality products and services.



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